BITE Tongue

Camera Michal Zak

BITE TONGUE is a unique, highly visual piece of devised theatre which previewed on 29th June at InnovationArt Theatre in Berlin. Sold-out performances received an overwhelmingly positive response from audience members including TV director Manuela Wagner who was inspired to make a short film about the piece which was recently broadcast on the Zibb show on RBB TV.

Performed in a deeply intimate space, the show grabs the audience by the throat to embark on an unpredictable, vibrant and intense theatrical rollercoaster ride. A frenzy of shameless confessionals and primal responses to the dark belly of the subconscious is unfurled, reflecting the nature of human existence in all its darkness and light.
BITE TONGUE is an immersive journey brimming with eye-popping, disturbing, joyful and humorous glimpses into private lives.

It bombards the senses. The fear and power of self-expression is made tangible.

Camera: Michal Zak

BITE TONGUE explores what it is to be a free-thinking, liberated, passionate, creative force living in Berlin.

Camera: Michal Zak

This debut production by DeVICEif, has been created by a company of ‘Berliners’ from Finland, Italy, Poland and the UK. Director Dawn Lintern has a track record of premiering new plays in the UK, specialising in teaching physical theatre and devised performance. Currently fronting post-punk electro band Das Fluff, her music features throughout the show, adding edge, drama and pathos, accompanied by the dark, eerie beauty of projections created by Christian Ruland.

Camera: MIchal Zak


(Camera: Michal Zak)


28.9. Saturday at 20:00 (ticket booking)
4.10. Friday at 20:00 (ticket booking)
19.10. Saturday at 20:00 (ticket booking)
20.10. Sunday at 20:00 (ticket booking)



DeVICEif Theatre Company

The Director: Dawn Lintern
Armed with a passion for Bausch, Beckett and Chekhov and a Masters degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice, Dawn Lintern directed and assistant directed many new plays in London at venues including Soho Theatre Company, Riverside Studios, The Gate Theatre, Southwark Playhouse and many more. She worked as a director and lecturer in devised performance in drama schools and at the University of Westminster for over 15 years and has taught yoga since 2000. Her band Das Fluff is now the centre of her creative life with regular gigs in Europe and frequent tours in Asia and is currently recording Das Fluff’s 5th album. Living in Berlin has inspired her to start directing again.

The Company:

Anitra Bohman-Penttinen graduated in Theatre at Turku Arts Academy and studied classical music at Helsinki Conservatory. She has worked as an actor in several city theatres in Finland and appeared in TV and short films in Finland. Anitra has taught acting, directing and musical theatre for Finland and Berlin. She moved to Berlin in 2016 and founded InnovationArt Theatre where she regularly writes and performs with productions including ’Tea With Marlene’ and her one-woman show, ‘Half Moon – The Woman’.

Edyta Rogowska is a classically trained pianist, multifaceted singer and composer from Poland. She has an eclectic musical background – from wedding singer, to lead vocalist in rock and funk outfits, to singer in a Klesmir band. Co-founding the band Two Times Twice in 2016 has enabled Edyta to focus on her own musical vision as lead vocalist and main composer. Her theatrical stage style and vocalisation serve to bring the meaning of her songs to life. This is Edyta’s first venture into devised theatre.

Laura Guidi is an Italian musician who graduated in Philosophy before moving to Berlin in 2008. Laura is an educator in a bilingual school by day and songstress by night. She is a prolific performer and recently released her first album ‘The Point’. Laura appeared in the trailer for The saddest song in the world contest and was was a member of of the jury. She was first introduced to theater at the age of 17 by director Laura Croce who’s company, INTIMIDAZIONE she later joined in Vercelli. There she developed a love for Samuel Beckett and the Theatre of The Absurd. This is Laura’s first theatre production since 2004.

Nea Viljakainen moved to Berlin in 2013 and works as a writer, editor and translator. She studied Film in Prague, creates music and art. She has a passion for the theatre and this is her first experience in devised performance.

Thomas Avenhaus is a Creative Director and Writer. He has lived in Berlin since 1990 and studied theatre sciences at the FU Berlin. He works in Communication Agencies, specialising in political Communication. Today, beside his work, he has returned to study creative and biographical writing at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences. This is Thomas’ first venture into devised theatre.

Ville Susi is a musician from Helsinki. He performed his first concert aged 12 and went on to play in several rock bands in Finland before moving to Berlin in 2013 when he became the guitarist in Texas Terri’s band. He has toured throughout Europe and is currently working on a solo album. This is Ville’s first venture into devised performance.

BITE Tongue Press release: BT_Press0919


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