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06.09.2019 19:00


Dance and Eurythmy Performance thematically charged with the question:

“How do mysticism and movement coalesce in space?”

Dancer Leralee Whittle and Eurythmist Dara Star combine disciplines on stage to explore this question.

Accompanied by Hartyáni Gábor on cello the evening will consist of solo, duo, and cello performances.

Directed by Anitra Bohman-Penttinen.

“Gábor (1987) played the cello since he was 7 and first tasted improvisation 16 years ago. Since then his musical attention shifted towards instant composition, jazz, experimental, contemporary, psychedelic and world music. After playing and creating for two and a half years in Amsterdam, he moved to Berlin in early 2017 to expand his artistic scope and immerse in the cultural capital’s diverse scenes. Besides working on his solo project TranceMutation, he is an active member and Berlin director of the multidisciplinary art community Young Blood Initiative, he is the cellist of Rasha Nahas, Alice Rose, the world fusion collective Khayâl and the newly formed jazz band called Small Kingdom, while collaborating with various dancers and musicians in Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest.
Gábor keeps on (re)searching, observing and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.”

“Leralee Whittle is a dancer, performer, choreographer, video artist and teacher from San Francisco Bay Area. Her performances and videos have been experienced in theaters, galleries, dance studios, living rooms, and as public art placed in parks, sports facilities and internet platforms.

She collaborated with Nita Little in research and instant composition 1995-2005 and toured North America and Western Europe with musician/composer Paul Sprawl from 2005 -19.  She’s performed for Anouk van Dijk, Nita Little, Tandy Beal, Regina DeCosse and Scott Wells.

Whittle’s perfomance and video have been presented at Dinamiche Scomposte, Italy, Twin Cities Film Festival, Twin Cities/Montreal Choreographer Exchange, PWNW, Portland, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, CAPSULE, KCMO, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, UCP, KCMO, and Aria, Barcelona. She is the recipient of a public art place making commission in MN (2018), a video and performance installation commission by Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City (2018), Project Space Residency, Counterpulse, SF (2017) and grants from PLRAC, MN (2017), KU Spencer Museum, Lawrence, KS (2011) and Puffin, NJ (2011) Theatre Bay Area, San Francisco, CA (2009).”

Tickets: 10€/7€

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